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ICS Topics - Form Two

TOPIC 1: Word Processing


  1. Starting and Ending a Word Processing Program

    • Explain the Meaning of Word Processing

    • Explain the Importance of Word Processing

    • Start and End a Word Processing Program

    • Create a Word Processing File

    • Save a Word Processing File

    • Close a Word Processing File

    • Open a Word Processing File

  2. Editing and Formatting

    • Editing a Word Document

    • Format a Word Document

    • Check for Errors

  3. Printing a Document

    • Perform Page Set Up

    • Preview a Document

    • Print a Document

  4. Help Facility

    • Use Help Facility

    • Use help Menu


TOPIC 2: Spreadsheet


  1. Concept and Terminologies

    • Describe the Spreadsheet Program

    • Explain Spreadsheet Terminology

    • Outline the Uses of Spreadsheet Program

  2. Starting Ending Spreadsheet Program

    • Start a Spreadsheet Program

    • End a Spreadsheet Program

    • Create a Workbook

    • Open a Worksheet

  3. Entering and Editing Data

    • Enter Data in Worksheet

    • Edit Data in Worksheet

  4. Formatting Data in a worksheet

    • Identify Various Formatting Feature

    • Use Various Formatting Features

  5. Data Manipulation

    • Identify Mathematical Operators

    • Use Mathematical Operators

    • Use Predefined Formula / Functions

  6. Charts

    • Identify Various Type of Charts

    • Create Charts

    • Edit Charts

  7. Printing a Worksheet

    • Perform Page Setup

    • Preview a Worksheet

    • Print a Worksheet

  8. Help Facility

    • Use Office Help Facility


TOPIC 3: Computer Networks and Communications


  1. Introduction to Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)

    • Describe a Computer Network

    • Explain Local area Network (LAN)

    • List of Accessories Used for Computer Network Connections

    • Explain the Importance of Computer Networks

  2. Network Physical Topologies

    • Identify Different Network Topologies

    • Explain Network Physical Topologies

    • State Advantages and Disadvantages of each Topologies


TOPIC 4: The Internet


  1. Concepts of Internet

    • Descibe the Internet

    • Explain the Historical Development of Internet

    • Describe Search Engine

    • List Search Engine

    • Use Search Engines to Access Information

  2. Internet Application: Electronic Mail

    • Explain Electronic Mail

    • Outline the Uses of Electronic Mail

    • Create an Electronic Mail Address

    • Compare Electronic Mail with other Communication Media

  3. Internet Application: Electronic Learning

    • Explain Electronic Learning

    • List Advantages of Electronic Leaning

  4. Internet Application: Electronic Commerce

    • Explain Electronic Commerce

    • Outline Application of Electronic Commerce

  5. Negative Effect of the Internet

    • Outline Internet Uses that Negatively Affect our Culture

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