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Civics Topics - Form Two


TOPIC 1: Promotion Of Life

Social Problem Solving Techniques

  • Explain the meaning and importance of applying problem solving techniques

  • Identify steps in the problem solving process


TOPIC 2: Government Of Tanzania

  1. Government

    • Explain the meaning and types of government

    • Illustrate the importance of government

  2. The Constitution

    • Explain the meaning and the structure of the national constitution

    • Explain how the constitution is made, its importance, its relationship to the government of Tanzania, how it is safeguarded

  3. Local Government

    • Define local government

    • Describe the structure of local government

    • Identify functions of local government

    • Participate actively in function of either school or local government

    • Explain why the local government has an important effect on his/her life

    • Explain sources of local government revenue

    • Explain how the local government spends its revenue

  4. Central Government

    • Explain the meaning of central government

    • Describe the structure of the central government

    • Explain the functions of the central government

    • Differentiate between local and central government

    • Identify sources of central government revenue

    • Explain the central government expenditure

    • Participate in different central government activities

  5. The Reasons for and Importance of Tanganyika and Zanzibar Union

    • Explain the reasons for and importance of Tanganyika and Zanzibar union

    • Identity union matters in the government of the United Republic of Tanzania

    • Suggest strategies for improving the union's stability

TOPIC 3: Democracy

  1. Types of Democracy

    • Explain the meaning of democracy

    • Analyse the principles of democracy

    • Differentiate types of democracies

    • Assess whether Tanzania implements in accordance with the principle of democracy

    • Differentiate democratic from non-democratic government

    • Analyse common features of multiparty democracy

    • Explain how he/she can participate in democratic activities in the society

  2. Democratic Election

    • Explain the meaning and indicators of democratic elections

    • Explain the importance of democratic elections

    • Assess whether there are free and fair elections in Tanzania

    • Demonstrate a spirit of tolerance by accepting constructive criticism and defeat


TOPIC 4: Gender

The Concept of Gender

  • Explain the meaning of gender

  • Identify different gender concepts

  • Suggest corrective measures against negative socio-cultural practices

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