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The Head of School is responsible for admission of all students to the school. He/she will consult with Head of Primary or Deputy Head of Secondary/High School as appropriate. When necessary, he/she will consult with Academic Department and the relevant responsible personnel.


All applications for enrolment in the School must be made using the school application form. This must be fully completed and signed and dated by the parent or guardian legally responsible for the child. The application form informs and describes to the applicants all required documents and what to do before admission.


The School does not routinely carry out admission testing as it is believed that previous school records will give greater insight into a child’s abilities. However, if documents received from a previous school or schools are insufficient to provide this insight, the Head of School may arrange for the child to take an appropriate test or tests or to attend an interview.


Applications will be considered in order of receipt of the full application, and places offered accordingly, if available. The Head of School may also choose to place on a waiting list a student applying to start later than the start of the school year, if he/she expects to receive another application from another student for the whole school year. In this situation, the place will be offered to the late start applicant at least three months before his/her expected start date if a place is still available at that time.

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