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St. Matthew’s Schools is a group of Pre & Primary to Secondary schools founded by Dr Thadeo Mutembei as part of a programme to establish centres of quality education in Tanzania. The group started in 1998 with St. Matthew’s secondary school, at Kipala Mpakani village, Mkuranga District in Pwani region, as a day school offering ordinary level education. It has now emerged as one of the most disciplined and best school in Tanzania constitutes of five secondary schools and one pre & primary school as follows:

As a group, we are always committed to do everything in our power to make our schools a better place in which to work and an asset to both our social and educational communities. As we believe the right to education is not only the right to access education but also the right to receive education of good quality that is acceptable, adaptable and useful to our future generation.


St. Matthew’s schools promote a work and educational environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, we accept students and workers from all religions and denominations. At our schools, all students and employees are taught and required to honour God according to their beliefs, as we understand without the help of God we cannot achieve anything. We highly facilitate teaching of religion in our schools because that is an excellent way to teach moral and ethical values to our children for their discipline and character building.

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