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Applicants will be offered admission to school if a place is available for them and if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • A full and complete application form has been submitted;

  • It is believed that the child has the potential to achieve success in the School, and

  • The School is able to provide an appropriate educational programme for the child.

  • The availability of places depends on the number of places available in a class up to the designated maximum class size, the availability of places in an appropriate boarding house (if relevant), and capacity within the learning support threshold. Students who meet admission criteria, but for whom a place is not available will be placed on a waiting list.

  • Where it is possible, applicants and their families are encouraged to visit school before admission and to meet with appropriate personnel such as Head of Primary or Secondary.

  • An offer of admission made to a student will only be considered as accepted once the first instalment of the school fee has been received. If school fee is not received within one month of the admission form being issued or before the child attends school (whichever is the earlier), the offer of a place may be withdrawn.


Students who meet all criteria for admission but for whom a place is not available at the time of application should be placed on a waitlist. Parents should be advised of this and should also be advised that a place cannot be guaranteed. Should a place subsequently become available, applicants on the waitlist will be given first priority.

Transfer of Students Between Schools


A student applying to transfer from one school to another within a group should not regarded as a new admission to school. However, a transfer should only be agreed if it is approved by both Heads of Schools, if a suitable place is available, and if the requirements of meeting the needs of a student with that school can be met. A transfer student does not receive priority of admission to the other school over new applicants.

Admission Confirmation

The Head of School should formally write to parents/guardians to confirm an admission and the placement of a student. He/she should also arrange to send any necessary handbooks, and should advise parents on the completion of additional forms (such as Parental Consent form). He/she should also ensure that an invoice for the fees due is issued and sent to parents/guardians. 

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