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Business – School Partnership Programme (BSPP) 

The aim of BSPP is to promote better co-operation and closer partnership between the business sector and school. It leads students out of the classroom to gain a wider perspective of the world so that they can get prepared for life in the society. Through this non-traditional learning platform provided by the business sector, students will be able to learn about different careers and understand the requirements of employers, enhance generic skills, develop appropriate work attitude and values which enable them to adapt to economic and social changes, hence ultimately achieve the goal of whole-person development. 


To effectively assist students in planning for life and career development, besides providing them with different career exploration opportunities, guidance from teachers and support from parents are vital. Therefore, BSPP organises activities for students, teachers and parents. Student activity mainly focuses on career exploration, includes talks, workshops, workplace visits, mentoring programmes, job shadowing programmes, work experience programmes and tours to business entities, etc. Teacher activity includes workshops, professional development programmes and workplace visits. Parent activity is mainly introducing the latest developments in different trades. 


Support for Students with Special Educational Needs

SMSS adopts the whole school approach to providing systematic and comprehensive support for students with special educational needs (SEN) to develop their potential through inclusive policy, culture and practices. School has in place all required resources, teachers and professional support for SEN. 


Support for Gifted Students

SMSS has in place a policy to award, nurture and develop the potential of gifted students.

The school organise various competitions every year, covering areas such as languages, mathematics, sciences, and humanities, etc., so as to provide channels for gifted students to further develop their potential by learning from each other as well as to benefit more students.


Support Services for Newly-Arrived Children

SMSS has in place a policy to take care of the adjustment problems and learning difficulties of newly-arrived children, namely, newly-arrived children, and make use of the following support services to help these children: 

  • The Induction Programme 

  • The Full-time Initiation Programme 

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