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Parents will be provided with opportunities to contribute to school forums, including aspects of the school’s decision-making processes. The expertise that parents can bring to the school’s operations and to the educational process is valued and actively sought. Parents will continue to be encouraged to participate in school forums such as the School and Parents association and its committees and the school Board and contribute in other ways that enhance student opportunities.


There are different ways of involving parents in the education of their children on a regular or ad hoc basis including:

  • Assisting students with their class activities; 

  • Adjudicating in student competitions; 

  • Helping in school functions/ ceremonies; 

  • Coaching for extra-curricular activities; and 

  • Assisting in the preparation of teaching aids and other non-teaching tasks. 


Parents will be allowed to raise their concerns and give advice on the education that students receive. Partnership with parents in school governance will provide management with wider perspectives and better knowledge when making decisions. 

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