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The school has in place Counselling and Guidance service that caters for the developmental needs of students by providing developmental, preventive and remedial service to students so that the ultimate educational goal of enhancing students’ whole person development and life-long learning can be achieved. 


This service intends:

  • To cultivate a positive and caring school culture; 

  • To build a mechanism for school self-evaluation to ensure the effective implementation of the student guidance service; 

  • To provide teachers with professional training and consultation related to guidance; 

  • To promote home-school cooperation and develop parent education; 

  • To develop and maximize potentials of students and to help them acquire basic knowledge, skills and attitude in the four areas of personal, social, academic and career development; 

  • To help students with individual needs through individual and group counselling; and 

  • To identify, counsel and refer students with behavioural, family, psychological, mental health problems, etc. to relevant professional support services.

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