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ICS Topics - Form Four

TOPIC 1: Management of Database Information System


  1. Updating Database

    • Search a Record in an Existing Database

    • Modify a Database File

  2. Queering Database

    • Query Database Using Logical Operators

  3. Generating Reports

    • Create Report Layout by Using Design View Mode

    • Perform page Setup

    • Preview a Report

    • Print a Report


TOPIC 2: Presentation


  1. Art and Skills of Presentation

    • Explain the Concept of Presentation

    • Mention Presentation Delivery Mode

    • Outline General arts and Skills of Presentation

    • Prepare a Presentation

  2. Non - electronic Presentation

    • Demonstrate Non- electronic Presentation

  3. Electronic Presentation

    • Outline the Art and Skills of Electronic Presentation

    • Open a Presentation Program

    • Prepare Slides for Presentation

    • Perform Operations for Inserting and Deleting Slides

    • Prepare Guiding Notes for Presentation

    • How to Link a Presentation File with other Documents

    • How to Save the Presentation

    • Exit the Presentation

  4. Making a Presentation

    • Connect Liquid Cristal Display (LCD) to the Computer

    • Set Up Slide show

    • Use Slide show Mode

  5. Printing the Presentation Document

    • Perform Page Set Up

    • Preview a Presentation

    • Print the Slides / Handout


TOPIC 3: Desktop Publishing


  1. Familiarization with the Desktop Publishing

    • Explain the Concept of Desktop Publishing

    • Examine Various Features of the Desktop Publishing Program

  2. Creating and Producing a Publication

    • Plan for a Publication

    • Design Layout of the Publication

    • Add text or Graphics to the Layout of the Publication

    • Perform Formatting of Text and Graphics

    • Describe the Procedure for Producing Publications


TOPIC 4: Multimedia


  1. Multimedia Concepts

    • Explain Historical Development of Multimedia

  2. Multimedia Devices

    • List Types of Multimedia Devices

    • Outline Minimum Requirement for Multimedia

    • Name areas where Multimedia is Used

  3. Sound and Video

    • Describe the Concept of Sound and Audio

    • Explain Elements of Audio

    • Describe the Stage of Make Sound for Multimedia

  4. Video Recording / Shooting

    • Explain the Concept of Video Recording

    • Outline the Steps to Capture a Single Frame

    • Outline the Steps to Capture a Multiple Frame

  5. Video Editing

    • Explain the concept of video editing

    • Use video editing software

  6. Video Compression

    • Describe Video Compression

    • Explain Various Ways of Carrying Out Video Compression

  7. Interactive Contents

    • Describe Interactive Contents

    • Explain Ways of Carrying Out Interactive Contents

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