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Geography Topics - Form Four

TOPIC 1: Introduction To Research


  1. Concept of Research

    • Explain the meaning of research

    • Assess the importance of research in daily life

  2. States of Research Work

    • Describe research stages in conducting a research

    • Conduct research

    • Explain the use of research output and recommendations


TOPIC 2: Climate And Natural Region


  1. World Climatic Types and their Characteristics

    • Describe major climatic types of the world and their characteristics

    • Explain how different geographical factors influence climate

  2. Natural Regions of the World

    • Identify different types of natural regions

    • Draw a world map showing different natural regions

    • Explain the relationship between human activities and climate

    • Propose ways of solving climatic problems


TOPIC 3: Human Population


  1. Concept of Population

    • Describe characteristics of human population

    • Explain the importance of studying population

  2. Population Distribution

    • Describe factors governing human population distribution

  3. Population Change

    • Define Population Change

    • Explain factors which influence population change

    • Analyse the effects of population change to an individual and the nation

  4. Population Data

    • Explain the sources of population data

    • Interpret population data

    • Explain the uses of population data

  5. Population Problems

    • Analyse population problems

    • Analyse the effects of the population change on economic growth, labour, human needs and investment, and suggest possible solutions

  6. Population Policy

    • Explain the meaning of population policy

    • Compare the national population policy on family planning strategies in Tanzania to the population policies of other countries


TOPIC 4: Settlements


  1. Concept of Settlement

    • Define settlement

    • Explain categories, types and characteristics of settlements

    • Explain the functions of settlements and their importance

  2. Growth of settlements

    • Analyse factors which lead to growth of settlements

    • Assess social and economic problems associated with urban growth

    • Suggest ways of solving existing problems related to urban growth


TOPIC 5: Environmental Issues And Management


  1. The Concept of Environment

    • Explain the meaning of environment

  2. Importance of Environment

    • Explain the importance of environment

  3. Environmental Problems

    • Identify environmental problems

    • Analyse the causes, extent and effects of the loss of biodiversity

    • Analyse the causes, extent and effects of pollution and waste mismanagement

    • Explain the causes, extent, effects of fast rate of population and urban growth on environment

    • Examine causes, extent and impacts of desertification

    • Explain the impact of poverty on environment

    • Analyse causes and consequences of global climatic change on environment

  4. Environmental Conservation

    • Define Environmental Conservation

    • Analyse various ways of conserving the environment

    • Practice environmental conservation and management at school level

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