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English Topics - Form Four


TOPIC 1: Expressing Oneself

  1. Expressing One's Feeling, Ideas, Opinion, View and Emotions

    • Express personal ideas, feelings, opinions, views and emotions on a variety of issues in different contexts


TOPIC 2: Listening For Information

  1. Listening to Instructions

    • Respond appropriately to instructions

  2. Giving Instructions

    • Give instructions

  3. Listening for Main Ideas and Taking Notes

    • Make summary notes

  4. Dictations

    • Write down correctly what is read


TOPIC 3: Reading Literary Works

  1. Identifying and Analysing Setting main Plot and Characters

    • Describe characters, setting and plot of literary works studied

  2. Identify Themes

    • Relate works studied with personal and national experiences

  3. Interpreting Poems

    • Interpret poems


TOPIC 4: Speaking Using Appropriate Language Content And Style

  1. Starting Intervening and Closing a Conversation/Discussion

    • Use appropriate expressions for starting, intervening and closing a conversation/discussion

  2. Negotiating Solutions to Problems

    • Use appropriate language to resolve a problem/conflict

  3. Seeking and Giving Advice

    • Give advice using appropriate language


TOPIC 5: Writing Using Appropriate Language Content And Style

  1. Writing Narrative Compositions/Essays (Of Not Less Than 250 Words)

    • Write an account of event/that happened in the past

    • Writing events in the past

  2. Writing Expository Compositions/Essays

    • Write factual information on a topic/subject

  3. Writing Descriptive Composition/Essays

    • Write vivid descriptions of people/place/events

  4. Writing Argumentative Composition/Essay

    • Present contrasting views of a given topic

  5. Creative Writing

    • Write a work of art using literary devices and skills

  6. Writing Speeches

    • Write a speech

    • Deliver a speech

  7. Writing Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    • Write his/her own CV


TOPIC 6: Writing Application Letters

  1. Writing Letters of Application for Jobs

    • Write letters of application for jobs

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