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Civics Topics - Form Four


TOPIC 1: Culture

  1. Aspects and Elements of Culture

    • Explain the meaning aspects and elements of culture

    • Illustrate the importance of each element of culture

  2. Positive and Negative Aspects of our Cultural Values

    • Identify positive and negative aspects of our cultural values

    • Illustrate customs which lead to gender discrimination

    • Point out customs that lead to the HIV/AIDS and STIs

    • Analyse the impact of the negative aspects of our customs

    • Propose ways and actions to be taken against negative aspects of our socio-cultural values

  3. Promotion and Preservation of our Worthy Cultural Values

    • Explain the importance of promoting and preserving our worthy cultural values

    • Assess the roles of different groups and institutions in promoting and preserving our cultural values

    • Illustrate problems facing the promotion of our cultural values

    • Propose solution to problems arising in the process of promoting and preserving our cultural values

  4. Culture of Preventive Care and Maintenance of Personal and Public Property

    • Explain the meaning and the importance of culture of preventive care and maintenance of personal and public property

    • Analyse the consequences of neglecting timely repair and maintenance

  5. Promotion of Life Skills

    • Demonstrate how to use different life skills


TOPIC 2: Globalization

The Concept and Aspects of Globalization

  • Explain the concept and aspects of globalization

  • Propose possible solution to each of the challenges

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