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Why to Choose St. Matthew's Schools?

We are for Education Standards. A Better Future Starts Here.


As independent, private, not for profit, boarding and day schools, we offer exemplary academic and moral supports programme coupled with a wide range of extra-curricular activities to prepare child brain and heart for better future.


The better future depends on prepared brain and prepared heart that is equipped with discipline, good moral values and honouring God.

We are incredibly proud of our programme, which focuses on encouraging intellectual thinking, high engagement and academic curiosity that overcomes all classroom and geographical barriers. We serve students from the young age of three years (Pre-school) up to Form Six (Advanced Level Education).


Joining Us is Easy!

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PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL  Ages 3 to Grade 7

The school offers an exceptional Pre & Primary School programme designed specifically to groom children according to their appropriate age.

SECONDARY SCHOOL   Form 1 to Form 4

If you have studied primary education whether under NECTA or other curricular, we have full ordinary level secondary school programme for Form I to form IV, teaching all subjects under NECTA curriculum.


 Form 5 & 6

Our A-level programme will challenge and prepare students for success in a 2-year university environment in PMC, PCM, PCB, ECA, EGM, PGM, HGE, HKL, HGL, CBG, and HGK combinations.


Form 1 to Form 6

We have full and part-time accredited, online secondary school programme for form 1 to form 6.


“We identify and address the unique needs of every student we serve based on the belief that every student can learn.”

Our Value

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