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Geography Topics - Form Two


TOPIC 1: Human Activites


  1. Concept of Human Activities

    • Give the meaning of human activities

    • Identify major types of human activities


TOPIC 2: Agriculture


  1. Small Scale Agriculture

    • Explain the characteristics of small-scale agriculture at subsistence level

    • Explain the effects of rapid population growth on small scale agriculture

    • Describe advantages and disadvantages of small-scale agriculture

  2. Large Scale Agriculture

    • Name types of large-scale agriculture in the world

    • List the major crops grown in each type of large-scale agriculture

    • Describe characteristics of large-scale agriculture

    • Describe the requirements for growth, farm, preparation, planning, care, harvesting, processing, storage and transport.

    • Identify and locate major producing countries for respective crops in the world

    • Describe contribution of produced crops to the economy of USA and Tanzania

    • Drawing example from Tanzania and USA explain problems facing large scale agriculture

  3. Livestock Keeping

    • Describe how pastoralism, sedentary and commercial livestock keeping are practiced

    • Explain the benefits and constraints of livestock keeping practices

    • Compare livestock keeping between Australia and Tanzania

    • Describe livestock keeping as practiced in different communities in Tanzania


TOPIC 3: Water Management For Economic Development


  1. Importance of Water

    • Explain uses and economic importance of water

    • Describe the relationship between family size, water supply and quality of life

    • Explain the relationship between vegetation and water supply

    • Explain how distance to water sources from household affects the girl child

  2. River Basin Development

    • State the benefits of developing river basins

    • Explain the organization, benefits, problems faces and prospects of Rufiji Basin Development Authority (RUBADA) and Tennessee River Valley Authority

  3. Land Reclamation

    • Explain the major aims for land reclamation

    • Describe the techniques used in land reclamation

    • Explain land reclamation process in Tanzania

  4. Sustainable Use of Water Resources

    • Explain the types of underground water and how it can be tapped for use at local and national levels in Tanzania

    • Differentiate different resources that are obtained from Water

    • Describe methods used for extracting resources from water

    • Explain the problems caused by extraction of water resources

  5. Water Pollution

    • Define pollution

    • Differentiate the main sources of water pollution

    • Describe various ways of conserving water resources


TOPIC 4: Sustainable Use Of Forest Resources


  1. Types of Forestry Resources

    • Identify types of forests

    • Locate the distribution of forests by type

    • Explain factors for distribution of forests

  2. Importance of Forestry Resources

    • Describe the importance and values of forests in social and economic life

    • Explain the importance of forests in ecological and environmental balance

  3. Important Areas of Forest Products, their Transport and Use in the World

    • Identify important countries in timber production

    • Explain the means of transportation and problems of timber transportation in the world

  4. Problems Associated with Forestry Resources Harvesting

    • Describe the problems facing forestry resources harvesting

    • Describe ways to address problems facing forests in the world


TOPIC 5: Sustainable Mining


  1. Types of Mining Industries

    • Name different types of mining industries

  2. Types and Distribution of Mining Regions in the World

    • Explain major types of minerals found in the world

    • Locate mining regions in the world map and the type of minerals extracted

  3. Methods of Mining

    • Categories of various ways of mining

    • Explain ways of processing different types of minerals

  4. Contribution of Mining Industry to the Economy of Tanzania

    • Explain the economic importance of mining to the economy of Tanzania

  5. The effects of the Mining Industry in the Environment

    • Describe the effects of mining to the environment

    • Propose ways of minimizing effects of mining to the environment

  6. Focal Studies

    • Oil production in the Middle East

    • Natural gas production in Tanzania

    • Describe advantages of oil production in the Middle East and natural gas production in Tanzania


TOPIC 6: Tourism


  1. Concept of Tourism

    • Define tourism

  2. Factors for the Development and Growth of the Tourism Industry in the World

    • Describe factors which have contributed to the development and growth of tourism in the world

  3. Importance of Tourism in the World

    • Explain the importance of tourism in the world

    • Identify impact of tourism in the world

    • State ways of addressing the negative impact of tourism

  4. Focal Studies on Tourism Industry

    • Describe factors for the development of tourism in Switzerland, Namibia and Tanzania

    • Explain the importance of tourism in Switzerland, Namibia and Tanzania

    • Identify problems facing tourism industry in Tanzania

    • Explain methods used to increase the income of tourism industry in Tanzania

    • Discuss the lessons that can be drawn to promote tourism industry in Tanzania


TOPIC 7: Manufacturing Industry


  1. Concept and Importance of Manufacturing Industries

    • Define manufacturing industry

    • Explain the importance of manufacturing industry

  2. Types of Manufacturing Industries

    • Describe the types of manufacturing industries in East Africa

    • Identify products of each type of manufacturing industry

  3. Factors for Location of Industries

    • Name factors necessary for location of industries

    • Explain how each pollutant affects the environment, industrial employees and the communities around the plant

  4. Focal Studies

    • Explain the production of cars in Japan, electronic equipment in South Korea and textiles in Tanzania

    • Identify lessons from Japan and South Korea industries for Tanzania


TOPIC 8: Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources


  1. Power and Energy

    • Define power and energy

  2. Major Sources of Power

    • Identify the major sources of power and energy

    • Describe the origin of different types of energy and power sources

  3. Methods of Acquiring or Extracting Power and Energy

    • Explain methods of acquiring/extracting power and energy

  4. Importance and Use of Power and Energy Resources

    • Explain the use and importance of these types of power resources

  5. Problems Facing Power and Energy Production

    • Discuss the problems facing the process of power and energy harnessing

    • Suggest ways of addressing power and energy harnessing

  6. Focal Studies; Solar and Wind Power in U.S.A Hydroelectric Power and Biogas in Tanzania

    • Evaluate the importance of power and energy resources in the focal countries

    • Summarize problems facing power and energy harnessing in focal countries

    • Propose solutions to problems facing power and energy harnessing in focal countries

    • Draw successful lessons from countries for better harnessing of power and energy resources in Tanzania


TOPIC 9: Transport


  1. Main Types of Transport

    • Describe the main types of transport system at global and East African level

  2. Importance of Transport

    • Explain the importance of transport in Tanzania and East Africa

  3. Problems Facing Transport Industry

    • Identify problems facing transportation in East Africa

    • Explain the measures to address transportation problems in Tanzania

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