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Commerce Topics - Form Two


TOPIC 1: Theory Of Demand

Theory Of Demand

  • Define demand

  • Draw demand schedule and curves

  • Point the factors which determine the strength of demand (causes for demand changes)

  • Define elasticity of demand

  • Identify the factors that determine degree of elasticity (changes) of demand

TOPIC 2: Theory Of Supply

Theory of Supply

  • Explain the meaning of supply

  • Draw supply schedule and curves

  • Mention the causes of supply changes

  • Calculate elasticity of supply

TOPIC 3: Retail Trade

Retail Trade

  • Define Retail Trade

  • Distinguish between retailing and the Retailer

  • Point out the functions of retail Trade

  • Identify the different types of retailers

  • Explain the qualities of a retailer

  • Discuss the modern development in retail trade

TOPIC 4: Wholesale Trade

Wholesale Trade

  • Define wholesale trade

  • Distinguish between wholesaler and retailer

  • Mention the functions of wholesaler

  • Point the services rendered by wholesaler to manufactures, retailers, and the public

  • Identify the types of wholesalers (merchant, national, agents)

  • Explain the channels of distribution

  • Show when the necessity of eliminating the wholesaler will arise

TOPIC 5: Ware-Housing Management

Ware-housing Management

  • Define the terms ware-housing and ware-house

  • Show the need for warehousing

  • Distinguish the various types of warehouses

TOPIC 6: Stock Administration

Stock Administration

  • Define the term stock administration

  • Explain what is meant by: Receiving; Issuing; Stocktaking; Care of stock; Placement of stock items

  • Give the meaning and determination of Turnover; Stock level

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