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English Topics - Form One


TOPIC 1: Listening To And Understanding Simple Texts About A Variety Of Events And Situations Syllabus

  1. Listening To and Understanding Simple Oral Texts on Events Syllabus

    • Questions on Simple Oral Texts on Events Syllabus

  2. Listening to and Understanding Simple Texts Syllabus

    • Question on simple oral texts on a variety of situations Syllabus

  3. Listening to Dictations Syllabus

    • Write Down What is Read Syllabus


TOPIC 2: Giving Directions Syllabus

  1. Stating Directions Syllabus

    • Give and ask for directions Syllabus

    • Show four points of the compass Syllabus


TOPIC 3: Using A Dictionary Syllabus

  1. Using a Dictionary Effectively Syllabus

    • Use dictionaries effectively for obtaining meanings and spellings of words Syllabus


TOPIC 4: Expressing Personal And Group Routines/Habits Syllabus

  1. Expressing Personal Routines/Habits Syllabus

    • Talk about his/her home routine/habits Syllabus

  2. Expressing Group Routines/Habits Syllabus

    • Talk about class routine/habits Syllabus


TOPIC 5: Expressing Ongoing Activities Syllabus

  1. Talking about Ongoing Activities Syllabus

    • Talk about Activities being done by Oneself and other Creatures/Things Syllabus


TOPIC 6: Expressing Likes And Dislikes Syllabus

  1. Expressing Likes/Dislikes Syllabus

    • Express likes and dislikes Syllabus

  2. Expressing Preferences Syllabus

    • Talk about preferences Syllabus


TOPIC 7: Talking About One's Family Syllabus

  1. Expressing Family Relations Syllabus

    • Express kinship Syllabus

  2. Talking about the Occupations of Family Members Syllabus

    • Mention the occupation(s) of family members Syllabus

  3. Talking about Ownership or Possession Syllabus

    • Make statement about ownership Syllabus

  4. Describing Physical Appearance Syllabus

    • Describe people's physical appearance Syllabus

  5. Describing Character Syllabus

    • Describe his/her character Syllabus

    • Describe people's character Syllabus


TOPIC 8: Expressing Opinions And Feelings Syllabus

  1. Expressing Personal Opinions Syllabus

    • Express his/her opinions Syllabus

  2. Expressing State of Health Syllabus

    • State his/her health, condition, state other people's health conditions Syllabus

  3. Expressing Feelings Syllabus

    • Express feelings Syllabus


TOPIC 9: Talking About Past Events/Activities Syllabus

  1. Expressing Past Activities Syllabus

    • Narrate his/her activities Syllabus

  2. Taking About the Past Syllabus

    • Narrate past events Syllabus


TOPIC 10: Expressing Future Plans/Activities Syllabus

  1. Talking about Future Plans/Activities Syllabus

    • Express future plans Syllabus

TOPIC 11: Reading A Variety Of Texts Syllabus

  1. Intensive Reading Syllabus

    • Respond to specific questions on a text read Syllabus


TOPIC 12: Interpreting Literary Works Syllabus

  1. Interpreting Simple Stories Syllabus

    • Explain the message from simple stories read Syllabus

  2. Interpreting Poems Syllabus

    • Answer questions on a poem read Syllabus


TOPIC 13: Analysing Information From The Media Syllabus

  1. Analysing Information from the Media Syllabus

    • Identify facts from media Syllabus

  2. Analysing Non-Factual Information from the Media Syllabus

    • Identify non-factual information from media Syllabus


TOPIC 14: Writing Personal Letters Syllabus

  1. Writing Friendly Letters Syllabus

    • Write personal letters Syllabus


TOPIC 15: Taking Notes Syllabus

  1. Writing Notes from Oral Texts Syllabus

    • Write down important points from oral texts Syllabus

  2. Writing Notes from Written Texts Syllabus

    • Write down important points from written texts Syllabus


TOPIC 16: Writing A Variety Of Texts Syllabus

  1. Filling in Forms Syllabus

    • Fill in the Varieties of forms Syllabus

  2. Writing Things in a Diary Syllabus

    • Write things/notes in a diary Syllabus

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