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ICS Topics - Form One

TOPIC 1: Information


  1. Concept of Information

    • Define Data

    • Relate Data and Information

    • Identify sources of Information

    • State the importance of Information

  2. Information dissemination

    • List the traditional ways of disseminating information

    • List the Modern ways of disseminating Information

    • Compare modern and traditional ways of disseminating Information

    • Contrast modern and traditional ways of disseminating information

  3. Communication media

    • Describe the communication media

    • Use communication media equipments


TOPIC 2: The Computer


  1. Significance of computer

    • Define a computer

    • Explain the need for the computer

  2. Hardware

    • Identify different parts of a computer

    • Explain the input, processing and output (IPO) as a method of computer operation.

    • Draw a computer block diagram

  3. Input devices

    • List common computer input devices

    • Explain the function of input devices

    • Connect the input devices to the system unit

  4. Central Processing Unit

    • Explain central Processing Unit

    • Describe sections of CPU

    • List the functions of different parts of CPU

  5. Output Devices

    • List output devices

    • Explain the functions of output devices

    • Connect output devices to the system unit

  6. Secondary Storage

    • Define secondary storage devices

    • List secondary storage devices

    • Explain the use of various secondary storage devices

    • State advantages and disadvantages of different secondary storage devices

    • Explain different capacity of secondary storage devices

    • Distinguish between primary and secondary storage devices


TOPIC 3: The Computer Software


  1. Software Concepts

    • Define computer software

    • State types of computer software

    • Differentiate systems software from application software

    • Relate software and hardware

  2. Operating System

    • Define the operating system

    • List various types of operating system

    • State functions of operating system

  3. Using operating system

    • Applying correct procedure of switching On/Off the computer

    • Use the help facility


TOPIC 4: Computer handling


  1. Power management

    • Explain the importance of using UPS, Surge protectors and Voltage Stabilizers

    • Explain the effects of voltage fluctuations

    • Check the correct voltage rating before connecting power supply

  2. Utility Programs

    • Define utility pragrams

    • Use utility programs

  3. Backup data

    • Types of backup devices

    • Format disk

    • Backup data

  4. Computer security

    • Explain the concept of virus

    • Use ant-virus programs

    • Explain the effects of dust, liquid, temperature and humidity on a computer and accessories


TOPIC 5: Computer Evolution


  1. Early Computer Development

    • Explain historical background of development of computer

    • Identify early computer devices

  2. Computer Generations

    • Identify the stages of Computer generations

    • Identify different types of computers

    • Differentiate a computer from other electronic devices

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