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ICS Topics - Form Three

TOPIC 1: Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the Society


  1. The Role of ICT in Daily Life

    • Explain the Role of ICT in Business, Medicine Engineering, Data Management and Entertainment

    • Explain the Roles of ICT in Creating Awareness on Gender, HIV/AID, Drug and Drug abuse, Globalization, Family Life, Cultural changes, Corruption and Road Safety

  2. ICT and Crimes

    • Explain Criminal Activities Facilitated by ICT

  3. Information Security

    • Outline the Importance of Protecting Information Systems in Various Ways

    • Create a Password

  4. ICT and Employment

    • The Dedate on the Effects of ICT on Employment

  5. ICT and Cultural Interaction

    • Explain the Influence of ICT and Cultural Change

  6. ICT Hazards

    • Explain the Effects of Disposing Electronic Equipments to the Environment

    • Outline the Health Hazards of ICT use to Human Life


TOPIC 2: Web Development


  1. Introduction to Web page Design

    • Explain Concepts of a webpage

    • Prepare a Webpage Structure

    • Create a Webpage

    • Explain Webpage Preview

  2. Publishing WebPages

    • Explain a Concepts of Publishing Webpage

    • Outline the Importance of Publishing Webpages

    • Explain the Procedure of transferring Webpages to the webserver

    • Distinguish between webpage and websites

    • Access information on a website


TOPIC 3: Database as Information Systems


  1. Manual data Processing System

    • Describe Manual data processing system

  2. Electronic Data Processing Systems

    • Describe the Electronic Data Progressing System

    • Compare Manual and Electronic Data Processing Systems

    • Explain the Importance of Data Processing

  3. Database Concepts and Terminologies

    • Explain Database Terminologies

  4. Type of Database Systems

    • Explain the Importance of Database Systems

    • List Types of Database Systems

  5. Creating Database

    • Plan for a Database

    • Prepare a Table for Data Entry

    • Prepare a Data Entry form

    • Enter Data Using forms and Tables

    • Use the help Facility Database

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